About us

The purpose of the project is to develop an Online news system and provides news for all viewers. The first news portal was launched from Illinois State University in the United States. The news portal was called ‘News Report’. After that, various news media in the world launched their news portal.
Online journalism was first launched in Bangladesh on bdnews24.com in 2004.

The Online News Portal is a specially created website, where information is collected in the form of news stories from traditional news sources. The information can come from e-mail, online forums, search engines or social media.
This type of news portal does not require any page layout or page compression-like newspaper. There are numerous news stories that can be published daily. Readers can click on the news of their choice.

Usually, in an online news portal, A team of 8-20 work to collect the news and post it, thus every online news portal works. When our news portal works and sets the specified web site link and keywords on the automated system, it is followed by News Auto Post.
Since online news portals usually require a large number of people, Maintain Cost is more likely to not happen on automated news portals.


Currently, we have created this project using automatic plugging. Where other websites add links and keywords are auto-post generated and, in the future, I will try to add more advanced technology so that auto-post will be generated only if you add keywords.